Philosopher or Dog

Stupid Americans define their epoch and defend their privilege through one or two words. These words generally connote the sublime in order to bear the truth of what is being said. Americans distrust knowledge if it is presented as empirical—a fear of the European.” Since the root function of language is to control the world through describing it and most Americans are embarrassed by their will to do so, language is made palpable by being nice. Americans defend this niceness by declaring it makes language more social. Language, no matter how stupid, always leaves someone out. That is because an idea belongs first to an individual and not a public.”

(p. 157)

  • hilton als, white girls.

learning from a turtle

two considerations:

what if your home is not separate from your body and you don’t need to will it into being… in any particular way… because it is you.

what if my body is not something i hide in, and instead is something that makes everywhere more comfortable

ask: why? how?

even if we1 know2 the3 answer4

questions remind us that words can be guns, and guns should be treated as if they are loaded at all times. right5?

  1. who is we?↩︎

  2. what does it mean to know?↩︎

  3. there’s only one?↩︎

  4. there’s only one?↩︎

  5. right↩︎